The Man Behind 33

There were so many ways we could go about naming the STUDIO but when Frank and I sat down to choose the right name we were surprised how fast STUDIO 33 came to us. It would have been easy to go with a name like Kiawah Island Yoga, or Seabrook Fitness, but we felt like there wasn't enough soul behind those choices even though for SEO purposes they might have worked. We sat down, went through our mission for the STUDIO and the things that were important to us. We noted that we wanted the space to be more than just a place to workout, that eventually we'd like to mold it into a wellness center, a community. One of the people in our lives that created the meaning of family and community to us was Frank's brother Nick who sadly passed away in 2010. Nick was the definition of a best friend and the perfect all american young man. He always helped the little guy, and supported his family and friends through the good and the bad. On top of that, he was an incredible athlete with the lucky number 33. Hence, the man made the name of the STUDIO and what's more is that he is the heart, soul, and drive behind it. Knowing that he's here with us on this journey has made the great days even better and the hard days complete with a sense of humor. We're always happy to chat about him so if you've got any questions or stories to share please do!

plane view 2.jpg

Finding Gratitude in Hectic Times

Frank and I have been traveling a lot this year and are so grateful that we’ve had that opportunity. We’ve spent countless hours on planes and in rental cars trying to get the STUDIO up and running as well as attending weddings and work trips for Boston Millennia Partners where Frank works. As we travel I feel like a little kid looking out the window at so many things I’ve never seen before. In March we were flying to L.A. and looking out the window at the grid system of the middle of the country I was amazed at the thought and efforts that were put into designing the land and the ongoing work of the people on the ground. Just being aware of how huge the world is by seeing the vastness of the Great Lakes from up above, and the masterpiece that mother nature created in the Grand Canyon is breathtaking from the sky. I’m trying to look at life from this perspective more these days. Being grateful for all things, big and little, and recognizing the miracle of them. As my teacher Jacqui always says, "don’t ever forget that you were once the size of a blueberry. I mean for goodness sakes, we live on a planet full of water next to this big ball called the moon that controls our tidal system, next to a burning ball of fire (that’s the sun if you were wondering)." When things get overwhelming try to take a step back and remember that it is a miracle that you are here – you are a miracle. Every time you walk into the STUDIO just know that the people here think you are a miracle and we’re so grateful for you to be a part of our community!


Coming Soon

We broke ground this March on the soon to be STUDIO 33 in Freshfields Village. We are so looking forward to meeting you all and getting you on board to achieve your health and wellness goals! The STUDIO will be offering all types of fitness classes, including Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Cardio Fusion, stretching for tennis players and golfers, kids classes and many others. On top of that we'll have our very own health coach and focus on preventative healthcare. Don't hesitate to send us an email at or with any comments, questions or suggestions. Can't wait to meet you all and share in the journey of health with you!