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Liz Silva

Co-Founder and Yoga Instructor

Liz has always had a love for group fitness. Whether she was on the basketball court as a kid or running with her husband and STUDIO 33 co-founder, Frank, you can bet she was always active. She came upon yoga in college and has been moved by it ever since. When she's not in The STUDIO you can find her playing tennis, walking the beach with Gator, or lost in the most recent nutrition articles. She has been teaching yoga since 2009 and has been astounded by the benefits she's experienced from the practice herself and through her students. Liz is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT-500), a Level 1 Balanced Athlete ™ Certified coach, Yin Yoga & Meditation certified, a Souluna Life Coach and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Liz is extremely excited that STUDIO 33 has found it's home in Freshfields Village and can't wait to meet everyone that comes to continue their wellness journey!


Frank Silva


Fitness has been a passion for Frank since his first days of football in high school. Finding great motivation and inspiration from his football coach Frank has since lived a life focused on being the healthiest person he can be. Not only is he a wealth of knowledge for living a happy and healthy life, but he also runs the business end of STUDIO 33. If you have any questions regarding numbers or how to run your business more efficiently, Frank is your guy. When he's not at the STUDIO you can find Frank playing with Gator, fishing or hiking.

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Carrie Davis

STUDIO Manager

Carrie’s first class at Studio 33 was on the Fourth of July in 2017, and by the time she left that day she knew she’d found her studio home. She was immediately taken with the warm, welcoming atmosphere and thrilled with the variety of classes offered. Since joining Studio33, she’s taken all the yoga, barre, pilates, sculpt, and ballet she can fit in her schedule!

Carrie grew up in the South Carolina Midlands and started lifeguarding on Kiawah during her college summers. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame and settling in Charleston, she soon felt the pull back to Kiawah. She met her husband Jeff on the Island, and they now split their time between Kiawah and downtown Charleston. When Carrie’s not at the studio, you’ll find her gardening, fixing up their historic cottage downtown, or riding her bike to King Street. Look for her on the mat in class with you!

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Kristen Stabile

Wellness Associate

For Kristen, fitness has always been a way of calming the chaos and busyness of everyday life. Growing up, she was a big cardio fan, but as she has gotten older she has realized the importance of slowing down and listening to her body. She now gravitates towards barre and especially yoga, which has become her biggest and most rewarding release; even going a day or two without just a little movement on her mat makes her feel out of whack. Since coming to her first class at STUDIO 33 and now working with us, she considers the studio a great outlet and community of amazing people. When she's not at the studio, you can find her on her computer designing, cooking, reading, or ogling over every dog she sees. Say hi when you see her working the front desk or practicing in class!


Linda Bowling

Wellness Associate

Fitness and wellness have always been a big part of Linda's life. Throughout her life she has been active in some sort of physical activity whether it was dance, tennis, kickboxing or yoga. Nowadays, when she is not working the front desk at the Studio or taking a class, you'll find her chasing her 5 year old son around and/or working her full-time job, teaching 8th grade. She also loves to go out and about in the Charleston area, walk the beach, explore new restaurants and most importantly spend time with family & friends. She is a graduate from Clemson University so during football season, you'll definitely find her glued to the TV cheering on those Tigers!

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Allison Forbes

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

Allison was born and raised in Hotlanta, Georgia. She received her Exercise Physiology degree with a minor in Nutrition and Psychology from Valdosta State University. She made her move to Charleston as a strength and conditioning intern for The Citadel. She is a 500 RYT instructor and has been teaching yoga for almost 10 years. She is currently working on her Ayurvedic Practitioner certification. She is a personal trainer at Exemplar Fitness. She incorporates yoga, Ayurveda, and exercise physiology in her personal training and classes. Mental health is just as important to her as physical health. She has been diagnosed with countless health problems, some even misdiagnosed. Dealing with health issues that she cannot change, she is learning to love her body and searching for new ways to push her physical endurance. She teaches SUPyoga, beach yoga, and at a variety of studios in Charleston, SC. In 2017, she started traveling the world so she can lead mindful fitness retreats within and outside the US and in 2019, her dream will be coming true as she leads retreats in Charleston, Cuba, Costa Rica, Columbia, Greece, and Bali.


Jennifer Grove

Yoga Teacher

Jennifer began her yoga journey many years ago. She felt so drawn and connected to the practice she began incorporating it into her daily life. She attended as many yoga classes as she could fit into her schedule. Yoga has helped her learn presence, patience, allowance, how to breathe, to listen to her body, self-love, and so much more! It was that love that led her to enroll in a 200 hour teacher training program. In 2016, she began teaching in the Charleston area shortly after receiving her certification. Jennifer has lived on Folly Beach for the last 6 years with no intention of leaving… ever. She is a true lover of Folly Beach and all of its magical energy. Outside of yoga, you can find her biking around Folly, paddle boarding and spending time with her family, friends, her boyfriend, and two adorable dogs.

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Jennifer Hess Mitchell

Yoga Teacher

A believer in alternative therapeutic treatments, Jennifer approaches yoga from a holistic perspective—from the inside out. Dedicated to healing of all kinds, she brings her background in mental health to her teaching. She made connections between the physical practice and internal healing in the beginning stages of her career and never looked back. Jennifer has been doing therapy, yoga and teaching since the early 2000’s. Her trainings vary from formal education at USC & GWU, to hatha and vinyasa styles of yoga, yin and restorative, leadership symposiums and the therapeutic realm of mental health and yoga since 2013. Jennifer has trained extensively with 2000+ hours in yoga and yoga therapy alongside her graduate school and various other philanthropic endeavors and programs.Jennifer is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and a current staff member with Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy, facilitating their Therapeutic Teacher Trainings. Every class is a chance for renewal with fresh ideas and a heightened sense of self-awareness.

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Kimi Hugli

Yoga Instructor

It all began with ballet. After seeing the Nutcracker at age four, Kimi knew she had to dance. From then on movement and performance has always been a huge part of her life. From dance, to group fitness classes, to aerial silks, to physical training, to yoga, being active in some way has always been important to her. In 2012, she graduated from the University of Richmond with a double major in Theatre and Dance. Two years later, she received her 200 hour yoga teacher training through LifePower yoga, where she found an even deeper connection with herself and her body. Today, Kimi is a local Charleston actress and artist. During her time off between performances, she teaches private yoga classes around the island. When she isn't performing or teaching yoga, she can be found in the gym, on the tennis courts, walking dogs, painting, spending time with her bunny, Loki, or baking sweets!

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Michelle Peterson

Group Fitness Instructor

Michelle Peterson, RN is an ACE certified personal trainer and a group fitness and Pilates instructor. After a long and fulfilling career as a nurse, Michelle decided to pursue her other greatest passion: fitness. The transition from her first career as a nurse to her current career as a personal trainer and certified fitness instructor was a natural progression, since wellness has always been a focus in Michelle’s life. Michelle's exercise philosophy is centered around challenging yourself and your body to reach your personal best every day. Michelle focuses on total body wellness through integrated core, balance, strength training, cardio and flexibility exercises. When she is not training or working out herself, Michelle enjoys spending time at the beach with family and friends.

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Courtney Rae

Kids Yoga Instructor

Courtney Rae first stepped onto a yoga mat in 2003 as an outlet for inviting a new form of exercise into her life. She quickly found a deeper intention and was drawn not only to the physical practice but also to the beliefs of the yogic philosophy – the use of Prana (breath) and energy in manifesting the rich and vibrant happiness she likes to call “soulshine”. She believes in the power of mindfully moving and breathing through all of life’s moments, especially the messy ones, and has eternal gratitude to the yoga philosophy for instilling this awareness. When her mat is rolled up you’ll likely find her learning to surf with her son, writing as a hobby or admiring fantastic sunsets alongside her pup. Courtney earned her Kid’s Yoga Instructor Certification at Holy Cow Yoga Center, with additional studies through Kids Yoga Academy, and she offers an authentic class space filled with light & whimsy. She is delighted to share her love of yoga with the little yogis of STUDIO 33 and hopes to cultivate in them the habit of lifelong practices, on and off the mat. Namaste!

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Natasha Stevens

Yoga Instructor

Natasha first discovered yoga in college during the 90’s. in Britain. Instantly hooked, she took her 200hr teacher training certification in 2003 and began teaching breathing techniques and restorative yoga to the sales team of the company she worked for. Inspired by the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar and his student Dr. Judith Lasater, Natasha likes to focus on alignment and breath work. Her classes are steady and focused, using breathing techniques to calm the mind and relax the body. Join her for Vin/Yin Yoga on Friday mornings.

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Lauren Vega

Yoga and SCULPT Teacher

Lauren started her teacher training in Huntington, WV at the age of 15. She comes from a family of teachers & studio owners that have a passion for health, wellness, and teaching. She is group exercise certified and has taught classes ranging from Yin to Power Yoga as well as sculpting & strengthening group classes. She attended the College of Charleston Honors College in 2016 & graduated with an Arts Management & International Studies degree. Throughout her college career she taught at STUDIO33 as well as at the College. She has taken over the role as Creative Director for the STUDIO & spearheads our events, workshops, private sessions, and more. Outside of yoga, her passion is food. She loves bringing people together, whether it’s at the table or on the mat!

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Joe Vinciguerra

Yoga Instructor

Joe is a passionate truth seeker and a lover of yoga, learning and technology. He thrives on instructing students in yoga of all levels and ages. Joe's journey with yoga began in 2012, taking his first yoga class in Manhattan, NY. Joe quickly discovered the benefits of mind and body connection, and took his own practice to different yoga studios around the NYC area. He studied with numerous instructors including Tao-Porchon-Lynch, who at 99 years old has over 70 years of teaching experience and is recognized as the world’s oldest yoga instructor. After becoming more interested in the ancient philosophical path of yoga, Joe found himself on a plane to India, the birthplace of yoga, just two years after his first class, taking a leap of faith and leaving his job in NY. Looking to deepen his practice and knowledge of yoga, his journey led him to Dharamshala, where he studied the yoga asanas, meditation, philosophy, pranayama, anatomy, teaching methods and received his 200-hours level certification. In August 2014, shortly after returning from India, Joe moved to Charleston and immediately became involved in the yoga community there, and has been teaching in studios and fitness centers all over the Charleston tri-county area ever since.

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Steven Willard

Yoga Instructor

Steven Willard began practicing Yoga in order to heal injuries and handle stress, then got hooked on feeling better. He completed his 200 hour certification in 2007. His classes are rooted in the concept of doing less harm - ahimsa. Every class is different, but all are intense, playful, sometimes funny, sometimes loud and challenging. His aim is to provide a supportive, energetic and challenging environment which enables students to discover the life-changing power of yoga for themselves.

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Michele Wilson

Yoga Teacher

Michele comes from a background of photography and painting, as well as, nursing (pediatrics & hospice). She started the yoga practice later in life to alleviate stress & injuries. Michele fell in love with the practice & became a certified instructor in 2007. For Michele, yoga combines the creativity of art and the compassion of nursing; using the body, the breath, the mind and the heart. She loves that there is a yoga for EVERYONE and EVERY BODY. She believes you do not have to be young and flexible to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Michele’s classes are slower and thoughtful. She encourages students to listen and get to know their own bodies. Breath work, centering and shavasana are as important as the physical part of the practice. With a feeling of lightness and a sense of humor, her classes will start where you are and move you into stillness. Two of Michele’s favorite teachers that she continues to learn from are Erich Schiffman and Doug Keller.



Official STUDIO 33 Team Mascot

Meet Gator the Corgi! He is our STUDIO dog and full of much love. He loves cookies more than any being we know, so his wellness focus is creating happiness for everyone he meets. Gator loves to run around and play, but his favorite morning routine before breakfast is Downward Dog! He has a loud bark but there is no bite to this short four legged friend. Gator will most often be at the STUDIO so if you have allergies please don't hesitate to let us know. When Gator is not at the STUDIO you can find him walking, chasing his ball on the beach or rummaging around the kitchen for snacks!