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Cody Elizabeth O'Dowd

Assistant Manager and Yoga Instructor

Cody is a Reiki Master, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Pilates instructor, and has her degree in Sports & Health Nutrition. She also received her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Tantra Yoga. This says it all about Cody. One may guess she is incredibly passionate about health and wellness or one may guess she is a Sagittarius and is incredibly passionate about finding her path in life. Actually, both are true! Cody’s personal journey has her always returning to Satya (truth). After years of an unhealthy marriage and feeling disconnected to her heart and suffering from panic attacks she discovered yoga. Yoga helped Cody find her way back to herself. Cody’s favorite part about being a yoga teacher is witnessing her students experience bliss and love and reminding them that this is their true essence. Cody feels honored every time she teaches a yoga class and she is passionate about supporting and encouraging her students on their yoga journeys. When Cody is not teaching yoga you can find her hanging out with her her husband, her children, Pauly, Mya, and Mikey, and their three rescue dogs. Cody prefers to be outside and feels more connected to herself when she is in nature.