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Cynthia Walsh

Yoga Instructor

I’m Cynthia, I am originally from Charlotte, N.C. I moved to Charleston almost two years ago to continue my adventures of teaching both yoga and children’s education. I fell in love with yoga about six years when I took my first class at Yoga One. I’ll never forget my first yoga class. I thought thought the OMing was weird and it was so hard for me not to talk! Yoga has been a constant in my life for over six years now. It has helped me heal, celebrate, and fall in love with life and myself over and over again. In addition to teaching yoga, I also work at Oak Grove Montessori as a primary education teacher. The children teach me as much about myself and love and life as yoga does (each in their own unique and beautiful way). In addition to yoga asana, I also love mindful meditation, and pretty much everything that comes from the earth; flowers, plants, animals, the beach, and most of all the Son!