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Katherine Hanson

Zumba Instructor

Katherine's unique brand of Zumba explores the intersections of spirituality and movement by blending dharma (or words of inspiration and knowing) with a super fun dance party that reunites class participants with their joy, with themselves and ultimately with the Divine. Her class breaks participants of any kind of poker face with fun music and routines, and will leave you feeling that you've done more work on yourself that simply breaking a sweat. Think the clarity of yoga plus the energy of a Friday night dance hall! Aside from teaching "spiritual" Zumba, Katherine is also a business development executive in nearby Charleston in addition to running her infant and toddler clothing company, ModaBaby (link to www.modababy.com). She is also a writer and public speaker, using the success of her business as a platform to advocate for child abuse victims and adult survivors of child abuse. She lives on Folly Beach, with her husband and her three-year old son, where she also enjoys surfing, yoga, real estate and design, and cooking in her free time