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Michele Wilson

Yoga Instructor

Michele comes from a background of photography and painting, as well as nursing (pediatrics & hospice). She started the yoga practice later in life to alleviate stress & injuries. Michele fell in love with the practice and became a certified instructor in 2007. For Michele, yoga combines the creativity of art and the compassion of nursing; using the body, the breath, the mind and the heart. She loves that there is a yoga for EVERYONE and EVERY BODY. She believes you do not have to be young and flexible to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Michele’s classes are slower and thoughtful. She encourages students to listen and get to know their own bodies. Breath work, centering, and savasana are as important as the physical part of the practice. With a feeling of lightness and a sense of humor, her classes will start where you are and move you into stillness. Two of Michele’s favorite teachers that she continues to learn from are Erich Schiffman and Doug Keller.